Energy optimised series air cooled water chillers using R134A for high ambient up to 55°C. 20 models ranging from 10 to 960kW

The GFA is Industrial Frigo’s tropicalised air cooled series using R134A refrigerant and oversized condensers for extreme high ambient temperatures up to 54°C. With a huge range of configurations and cooling capacities, the GF series is built to order specifically to your requirements. Commonly supplied with external heat exchanger and filter skid, pump skid, remote control panels or the Gateway Ethernet communications package.

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More Features

More Features

  • Energy Saving: The GFA Series is energy optimised using the latest refrigeration technology and advanced algorithms ensuring the highest possible COP operation in ambient temperatures up to 55¡C.
  • Performance: New technology scroll compressor with high COP up to 6 (what?)
    Oversized high-efficiency copper tube aluminium finned condenser
    Copper evaporator, with high-efficiency water-gas exchange copper tubes
  • Environmental: Environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant
  • Durability: Stainless steel high flow process pumps. Optional stainless steel frame
  • Additional Feature: Reliable operation in ambient up to 55¡C
    Leaving water temperature range of -10¼C to 20¼C
    One, two or four refrigeration circuits for partial load staging and in-built redundancy
    Flow sensor and pressure switches for high and low pressure
    Water level sensor and automatic fill
  • Additional Feature: Axial fans with automatic speed control
    Shock absorbers to limit compressor vibration
    Manual by-pass valve or optional automatic by-pass valve
    Built-in closed pressurised tank
    Control panel complete with off the shelf microprocessor
    Remote on/off control
    IP55 for outdoor installation without cover
  • Additional Feature: Optional Features:
    Without tank or pump
    Pump skid
    Plate heat exchanger skid
    Ethernet Gateway communication
    Remote control panel for up to 5 chillers
    Low noise dampening 60 dB(A) @ 3m
    Centrifugal fans to duct condenser air out of process room
    Condenser fin protective coating for close proximity to sea water
    Double process pump, one active, one stand-by with auto rotation
    Automatic by-pass for pressure stability, installed into main supply line”
Scope & Design

Scope & Design

Any successful project begins with a well-designed project scope that demonstrates understanding of the task ahead. We know projects are won during this preliminary stage and work very hard to ensure our clients are confident their scope is understood.

Fleming’s in-house design engineers can partner with you to design a modular solution tailored to your business, ensuring it meets current and future manufacturing needs. We understand customers appreciate transparency with advice and quotations, or that if machinery operation fails, so does productivity. Fleming’s experience and understanding of manufacturing, coupled with quality product, is a good place to start in reducing the possibility against failure.

Supply & Installation

Supply & Installation

Fleming provides a full solution recommendation complete with detailed CAD drawings and factory scale layouts. The attention to detail and accuracy our design team implements into our drawings calculates exact quantities of installation components bringing our projects in on budget without hidden cost or excess leftovers.

A Fleming project manager will be assigned to co-ordinate the entire installation time-line from delivery onsite to final handover to minimise down time and interruption to your daily business.

Parts & Maintenance

Parts & Maintenance

Fleming’s service installation teams will ensure ongoing post-installation support and maintenance.

It is Fleming’s recommendation that customers consider an (optional) Preventative Maintenance Scheme to reduce the possibility against future failure. Preventative Maintenance is delivered by one of Fleming’s trained service technicians.

Spare Parts: We know how important the speed of repair should be. If spare parts are required at any point in the life of the equipment, Fleming can either arrange same-day despatch (on orders before 12 noon) on quality replacement parts, or, arrange immediate order and delivery within 7 working days if coming from overseas. Our financial investment to carry strong hold of all main spare parts locally is backed with an automatic re-ordering schedule.

Service: 24 hour/365 Days a Year – Fleming provides a 24 hour call out service all year round. Our national team of experienced technicians are passionate about plastics, chillers and conveyors, and will attend to the issue in the shortest time possible. Please call Fleming between 8am to 5pm (excluding public holidays):

  • Within Australia: 1300 730 736
  • Within New Zealand: 0800 442 569

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