Desiccant Dryers - Labotek Gravi-Dryer®

Gravi-Dryer® Advanced Material & Energy Management

To achieve continuous drying without costly interruptions to production, made possible through high quality equipment, operating at lowest possible emmisions.


  • A drying system that ONLY uses the energy required for the actual consumption, providing rapid return of investment (ROI).
  • Full tracking record of processed drying data for material- and quality management.
  • Preventing over and under drying of raw materials.
  • Auto emptying of a drying hopper after production.

The Gravi-Dryer® has proven weighing accuracy down to +/- 0.5% and enables full control and tracking history of the individual material consumption for each drying hopper and will ramp the airflow up and down according to the actual consumption.
The filling of a drying hopper via the ”ramp up principle”, eliminates the risk of over drying the raw materials. Furthermore when material usage is lowered, the central desiccant dryer will perform automatic adjustment of dry air flow through the built in frequency control. At end of production, the Gravi-Dryer is capable of lowering the material volume in Drying Hopper, via ”Ramp Down Principle”.