Fleming Dynamics Pty Ltd
Fleming Dynamics was established in 1981 to market and supply quality machinery to Australian and New Zealand manufacturers.
Today Fleming Dynamics has three divisions:

Fleming Plastics
Fleming Plastics has a long and proud history within the plastics industry supplying quality ancillary machinery and central materials handling systems since 1981. Although our company was built on one off boxed machinery sales our larger systems capability flourished. With well over 100 installations we are a respected  leader in central vacuum conveying systems incorporating blending, drying, granulation, recycling and bulk material storage. Our suppliers are global specialists in their fields with very strong ties to our market after decades of successful business partnerships and focus. Fleming Plastics customers include most leading manufactures and we are welcoming new clients each month.

Fleming Chillers
Fleming Chillers specialize in packaged water chillers and central chilled water systems across all industry since 1990.  Our Coolpak brand of small to medium size packaged chillers coupled with our Industrial Frigo partnership allows us to cover all aspects of chilled water supply from 1 to 1500kw using the most advanced and energy efficient refrigeration technology available. Our range covers mobile 1kw packaged chillers to 1500kw central systems incorporating pump skids, heat exchange skids, tank sets, remote Ethernet communication and adiabatic free cooler systems. Our chillers are designed to maintain cooling efficiency in ambient conditions up to 46°C and 55°C on request.

Fleming Conveyors
Fleming Conveyors supply modular conveyors that can re-configured simply by adding or removing modules to suit ever changing layouts. In 1990 we introduced DynaCon modular multi-purpose conveyors and have since supplied over 3000 units in Australasia and Asia and the popularity of DynaCon continues. After continual customer request for a modular conveyor suitable for food processing we began in house research and development on a new conveyor line. Hydracon is our food safe modular conveyor line designed from the ground up with consideration to cleaning, sanitation and inspection allowing our customers to lengthen, shorten or change angles in house simply by selecting or removing modules as needed. Fleming Conveyors offer an industry leading 5 year parts warranty on all modular conveyors.

Fleming Dynamics customers include most leading manufactures and innovators in our industry and we are welcoming new clients each month.  Over 75% of new business is a result of recommendations and 85% of our business is from existing customers. Our team are friendly, enthusiastic highly skilled and we welcome an opportunity to work with you so please contact us.