DynaCon® modular conveyors systems

"We purchased our first DynaCon conveyor from Fleming Dynamics in 2007 and have only recently replaced a few wear items. We now have 7 DynaCon conveyors and are extremely happy with their reliability and performance".

DynaCon® modular conveyors systems

"We purchased our first conveyor in 2001 and continued with DynaCon as the conveyors run very well with little if any downtime since their purchase.  Fleming Dynamics are easy
to deal with and support us well".

Labotek central vacuum conveying system

"We are very happy with our system and are looking forward to adding to it in the future by adding more machines and integrating central blending using Fleming Dynamics Maguire blenders to increase our production capabilities."
Tekplas Team

DynaCon® modular conveyors systems

"It can be redesigned, taken apart, expanded into whatever we need. We can reconfigure them quickly and easily, and that gives us a much higher return on investment."

Eslyn D'Costa, Production Manager

Labotek central materials handling system

"We are extremely happy with our Labotek system in terms of reliability, aesthetics, modularity, ease of use and environmental impact such as very low noise levels and energy consumption" 

Craig Watson, Operations Manager

Labotek DDM Series desiccant dryer systems

"We had no hesitation to engage Fleming Dynamics to supply a further 2 Labotek DDM 120 Mobile Desiccant Dryers. So, again, we have been rewarded in our decision to continue to use Labotek Dryers"

Andrew Stringer, Director 

Labotek central materials handling system

"Labotek were one of the few system suppliers available to meet this design brief.  The design was handled by the team at Fleming's their experience & know-how lead this specification and design stage. Completed ahead of time and exceeds all design requirements"
Wayne Prendergast, R&D

Labotek central materials handling system

"Since our system was commissioned we have installed 9 more machines, all of them connected to the existing system using parts supplied by Fleming Dynamics. This just proves the flexibility and simplicity of a Labotek central vacuum system"

Daniel Moga Engineering Manager

Labotek central materials handling system

"We could not be happier with the quality and reliability of all the equipment installed and the support from the team at Fleming Dynamics. We also liked the fact the Flemings have represented Labotek in Australia for over 25 years"

Stephen McGlynn Managing Director

Labotek central materials handling system 

"This project had to be carried out while we operated our Plant, which sometimes can lead to unexpected downtime. However in this case it was managed to perfection and production interruptions were maintained at the prearranged levels"

David Cannell Operations Manager

Labotek central vacuum conveying

"Fleming Dynamics presented us a wear resistant Labotek central vacuum conveying system. The combination of design features and the continual support and expertise of the Fleming team has resulted in a cost effective solution to our material conveying needs that we were unable to find elsewhere" 
Wayne D. McDonald Director


DynaCon® modular conveyors systems

"Since their initial installation, all eight conveyors have undergone several configuration changes with little disruption to production. After over four years of operation we are impressed with the performance of the DynaCon Modular Conveyor System and the support provided by Fleming Dynamics"

Rhett Appleyard, Project Engineer

Labotek central materials handling system

"We were looking towards bulk material supply which meant a central material feed system and the Labotek system offered was very impressive in quality vs price. We can happily recommend Fleming's for anyone looking to forge a close relationship for quality plastics ancillary equipment supply and support"
Tanju Kadir, General Manager