Why spend a little more on quality equipment?

by | March 11, 2009

Because the total cost of ownership is far lower.  When you compare three basic common purchasing factors being day to day reliability, replacement part cost and warranty period, it is most often the case that spending a fraction more upfront will save you in the long run.  Before you buy your next hopper loader or other ancillary equipment item find out what it has been costing you to run and maintain over the years.  You may be horrified to find that your existing cheaper hopper loader needs a new motor every three months or that your chillers and die heaters constantly leak and are out of production being repaired.  You may even find you have spare units on the floor ready to replace constantly failing equipment.

With current exchange rates many lower cost equipment has increased in price anyway closing the gap on alternative quality equipment manufactured in Denmark, Germany and other European countries.  You will be surprised at how little extra you need to spend to own quality equipment.

Find out and be aware of:

  • Replacement part cost
  • Warranty periods
  • Energy usage
  • Noise levels
  • Stability of local supplier

We have only ever sold quality equipment as we believe it costs you less in the long run.  Please do not mistake the word quality with expensive as it simply is not true. Call us before you make your next purchase and find out.

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