S+S metal separators aid increased efficiency in the plastics industry

by | June 20, 2013

Metal Separator

The European plastics industry is subject to considerable international competitive pressures. To maintain long term competitiveness companies must supply high-quality products and must operate at the highest possible efficiency throughout their operations. High levels of automation and minimum machine downtime are essential contributors to lower production costs and increased efficiency.

Metal Free” feedstock granulate, whether virgin or regrind is an important factor in trouble-free production operations. When regrind plastics are used in order to reduce material costs, machine downtimes due to metal contamination can be a frequent problem.

Metal particles in the processing material can cause choked hot-runners, mould damage, blocked nozzles, non-return valves, cylinders, and plasticising screws. Remedying such faults consumes valuable time and reduces productivity.

To maintain the cost advantages gained from adding regrind material, meet required quality standards, prevent downtimes, and increase production efficiency, leading plastics companies use metal separators from S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH.

Increase machine operating times – prevent malfunctions at source 

S+S offers an extensive product range of magnet systems, metal detectors and metal separators that used in all fields of plastics production and processing. S+S metal detectors and separators are primarily employed to protect processing machines and moulds. They prevent malfunctions caused by metal particles in granulate and as a result increase process continuity and production efficiency. Plasticising screws, nozzles, and cylinders are reliably protected against damage.

For extruders and blow-moulding machines effective metal removal reduces machine downtime and production losses caused by choked melt filters and nozzle moulds. For injection-moulding machines metal separators protect moulds, hot-runners, and non-return valves. The robust and long-lived S+S systems offer a rapid return on investment.


Metal Particles
Plastic Granulate

Reduced reject rates, increased added value

S+S metal detectors and separators guarantee the purity of plastic products and are an important component of quality assurance. Metal contaminants that block hot-runners lead to the under-injection of plastic parts. Metal separators prevent such faults and guarantee perfect products. The use of metal separators clearly reduces melt stress (encrustation); reject rates are reduced, saving cost and increasing customer satisfaction. Explains Christian Stadler, S+S product manager for the plastics industry: "When metal separators are used, the quality of the produced plastics and plastic parts clearly increases. There are less malfunctions and downtimes, and companies can produce higher quantities. S+S systems set standards with respect to quality, function, and workmanship. Our customers can rely on S+S for a long time."



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