Rotomould 2009 Sydney 14th-17th June

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Our energetic team at Rotomachinery Group with Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A. - Italy having more than 35 years experience in the market, and STP Rotomachinery Inc., a Canadian company acquired by Polivinil Rotomachinery S.p.A in 2005, with more than 15 years experience, are continually active in the design and development of rotational moulding machinery. This enthusiasm has led to the creation of a highly motivated multidisciplinary, international team capable of creating products to the highest quality standards.

Rotomachinery Group today employs over 150 people at its' two manufacturing units, directly with engineers, specialized technicians, highly trained operators, expert industrial designers and indirectly through strategic suppliers.

The Rotomachinery Group's mission is to manufacture and sell rotomoulding equipment which is technologically advanced, robust and reliable. Significant resources have been invested to acquire the best technologies available to efficiently design, develop, and create the tooling and moulds also in order to improve every single aspect of a rotomoulding production unit. Efficiency improvements, costs reduction and user friendly operation, are examples developed in the latest 3 innovations: continuous temperature measurement inside the mould, total automatic process and real time adjustment of the hot air circulation in the oven.

Rotomachinery Group offer a vast range of machinery and equipment: rotomoulding machines (shuttle machines, rock & roll, turret machines, box ovens, machines with independent conveyors), accessories (pulverizing, mixers, dosing units) and moulds.

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