New Coolpak 2009 Range

by | December 2, 2008


"We have redesigned our very successful range of Cool-Pak industrial chillers which come on line in January 2009.  In keeping with a greener Australia we are now using R407C the most friendly refrigerant known. Our policy is always to offer the best - R407C fits that description. As well we have chosen International components carefully using only the latest and best. Cool-Pak uses Grundfoss pumps, Copeland scroll compressors, Saginomya safeties, Stainless steel plate to plate heat exchangers, oversize condensers for our local conditions, proprietary micro processor controller with error codes and the range now has a smaller footprint.  Most important, Cool-Pak is built to last and to offer reliability.  We think it is the best chiller available in Australia and we think you will too. "

Cool-Pak covers cooling requirements from 1.5kw up to 2500kw however stock models from January 2009 will be:
Cool-Pak CP12 air cooled, 12.36kw
Cool-Pak CP20 air cooled, 19.04kw
Cool-Pak CP30 air cooled, 28.57kw

Standard Features:

  • R407C refrigerant
  • Stainless steel plate to plate heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel multistage pump
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Scroll compressor mounted on anti vibration mounts
  • Lagged copper and stainless steel internal pipe work
  • Integral power isolator on control panel
  • Compact design with powder coated strong tubular frame and panels
  • Digital read out of actual and set temperatures

Safety Protection:

  • High pressure cut out
  • Low pressure cut out
  • Compressor - internal and external overloads
  • Condenser fan internal overload
  • Short cycling prevention of compressor
  • Anti freeze thermostat
  • High pressure by pass
  • Pump overload

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